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Externally, this diorama hasn’t changed a great deal. I’ve added some particle effects, improved the existing ones, and tried to add some more trampled looking snow/snow piles around the tent;


Currently I’m not hugely happy with this diorama. I was hoping I’d progress from one diorama to the next, but I feel like I’m just getting worse. Though I’m pretty happy with the work I’ve been producing, I don’t think I’m going to be super proud of my FMP like I hoped.


In addition to the trampled snow and snow piles on top of the diorama, I’ve added some smaller clumps of snow around the lower areas to make the snow appear thicker and smoother. It definitely helps reduce the noisiness, however due to the shader being set to ‘translucent’ to enable smooth transitions between meshes, it means it shades oddly and you can clearly see the differences in the two snow shaders. Not sure what to do about that.

Most notably, I’ve begun work on the tent interior.


I’ve started on the soft furnishings such as bedding and blankets first as I find those really difficult to get right. So far so good though- I’m pretty happy with how they’re going. However, I’m currently very unhappy with the atmosphere inside the tent. I’m finding it hard to create a warm and cosy feel with so few assets to use to my advantage, as well as having a super hard time getting the lighting right. The shape of the tent isn’t helping much either. It’s very frustrating and tiring working on something I so dislike. Also, it’s stupidly complicated just to get a gentle flickering light from the fire and I can’t even bring myself to face it right now. Alsooooo, my fire particle sucks. Alsoooooooo, FMP is really dragging for me now.

On the bright side, I found my sound effects for this diorama this week, and I’ve managed to get the HUD to show my book excerpts now! This was something that wasn’t working and had been bothering me, so on a whim I had another go and made it work first time. 🙂 Hopefully people can go to these and understand some of the choices I’ve made that have previously been questioned. Like I’ve said before, some things don’t translate from written to visual/physical very well at all.


(That clipping on ‘book excerpt’ is fixed now.)

In a bid to make myself feel less apprehensive about modelling all the little assets that will be going into this tent, I spent some time the other day quickly sketching most of what will be populating the tent.

7- Asset Sketches

I’m nervous about modelling these, as I want them to look good without spending too much time on them. I want them to create a bigger picture rather than being individual pieces, however in such a small space with so few assets it’ll really stand out if something looks shit. It’s going to be extremely hard to resist the urge to rush things like I always do. Playing The Witcher 3 the other night, I was looking at some of the smaller assets populating a market, and I realised just how insanely detailed even these tiny things that most people just ignore are. A cast-iron kettle had even the tiniest hammer marks normal-mapped into it. I was stunned. It’s made me realise that I really, really need to work on creating more considered assets in the future- just because I’m working in a stylised manner doesn’t mean I can cut corners.

I certainly can’t expect my work to be as good as that in The Witcher with my time frame and ability level, but I can start trying to add more detail to my assets from now on.

I’m really not getting my hopes up for the overall feel of the tent interior though- I think it’s going to be really hard to nail, and I’ve been realising more and more recently that I’m not as good at lighting as I thought I was a few months ago. Lighting is something I’m consistently picked up on during critique.

I’m now really looking forward to getting FMP done and doing something new. I feel like I’m not learning so much anymore, and I’m ready to move on and practise different things.

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