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Well, I said last week I’d be making some ‘tweaks’ to my Dragon Garden. Turned out to be a bit of an understatement. Things have really changed direction with this one, and I’m glad of it.

HighresScreenshot00033As I’ve said about a million times, this diorama is the problem child of my trio. I’ve been speaking at length with Ben Keeling about this one, and we’ve back-and-forthed a lot.

Paintover from Ben.

He’s made a lot of suggestions and eventually I’ve come to the current product. You might have noticed all the pine trees have disappeared, as they have slowly become more hindrance than help. I suppose it’s good to learn to scrap work, though I admit I’m a little annoyed about the lost time. Never mind!


I still intend on using the textures for some shrubbery around the base of the new large tree (currently go some placeholders in there), so not all is lost. I also want to create some ivy for the base of the new tree, and I need to do some UV modifying to remove the seams you can probably see.


The tree canopy is also currently looking a little messy, so I’m hoping to get some feedback on that and see what improvements I can make beyond just whacking a Normal Thief script on it, which doesn’t help a great deal.


So the main thing I’ve done this week is that big tree. As you can imagine I’ve also done a fair few little things, and an awful lot of rearranging assets in the scene. Finally, I’m feeling almost happy with it. It’s still the weakest diorama, but it’s not outstandingly bad. I’ve managed to keep to my schedule too, and by Sunday I hope to have everything done here, ready to move on to the final diorama next week.


Can’t believe I’m almost at the deadline.

After my blog post last week, I also managed to get the final asset done, the Fool’s Sceptre, and I also made an accompanying jester hat. I think it’s the last little storytelling touch that really makes the scene feel like a place in time as opposed to a little floating diorama-room-thing.


Next week is the diorama that has probably felt the least finished throughout the project. I’m hoping some new snow, assets, sound, and tweaking will bring it up to standard. I’m a little nervous, because there’s a lot of work that needs doing, but as usual I have assets that I’m willing to scrap should I need the extra time on other more important things.

It’ll work out, but I’ll still stress over it.

See you next week for what will be my final in-progress project blog update. Yikes!

Good luck fellow FMP-ers. Can’t wait to see all your stoof.

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