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Week 3- I’m still behind schedule lol.

As planned, week 3 has been all about modelling the basics of The Fool’s Room.
I’ve been working on the floor, walls, ceiling and fireplace (which is still in progress) this week; I guess it’s the boring bit before I get stuck in with the assets that’ll really brighten the place up.

Over the course of the week I’ve made a fair few additions to my Pinterest mood board, as I’ve been researching materials and architecture that would typically exist in a medieval castle. It’s been really interesting, if a little tedious trying to get the room to feel right. I’m relatively happy with where the room is going, and I feel better about it as it improves every day.

As it stands, I mostly want to go back to the wall and floor textures in the future and polish them up to a better standard. Since making the wooden ceiling, I’ve realised that the stone bricks in particular have a very under-developed texture that will need sorting for the final hand-in. Before then, however, I want to work further through my to-do list of assets.

Unfortunately, the late addition of Zbrush to my project means that many assets are taking roughly twice as long as initially intended. I’m about 2 days behind schedule, as seen here;

I’m still feeling ok about where the project is going though, I’ll just continue working as I have been to try and get back on schedule. I imagine that when I begin work on the assets, some will take less time and others more than I anticipate, and ultimately everything will balance out in the end. If all fails, I’ve given myself sufficient back-up time at the end of the project to complete the dioramas, as seen below in the ‘Milestones’ section of my specification sheet.
As part of writing up our own FMP specification sheets, we are expected to research existing games that would match the technical specifications of our own work. Initially, the new Legend of Zelda game for Wii U came to mind. However, as it’s not a released title, it would not be possible to find the specs for this game. I instead did some research around Bioshock Infinite, and discovered that I could download the models from the game and inspect them to see for myself their tri-counts and texture sizes. This suited me perfectly, and so the technical specs such as tri-counts and textures for my dioramas will be based on Bioshock; Infinite. I think it has a similar level of stylisation to what I wish to achieve and the models are certainly going to help inform my choices when it comes to modelling my diorama further.

Between now and my next FMP blog post, I intend on completing the basics of the room; that is, the windows, fireplace, and broken wall/floor edges. After that, I’ll be cracking on with creating assets, animations, and sounds to populate the diorama. I’ll be planning my time for that stage of the project when I complete the current one.

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